BTS with Lindsey Stirling at The Ragdoll Pink Palace

It was late when I got the message from my good friend and editor Jasmine over at Grumpy Magazine that she wanted to try and squeeze in one last talent shoot before the Winter edition released. Before I could even answer (which would have been a yes either way), she told me it was Lindsey Stirling and I seriously couldn’t reply back fast enough. My brain instantly started planning out our shoot.

I had about a week to get everything prepared for this shoot and the biggest challenge per usual was finding an amazing location to shoot at. The concept I wanted for Lindsey was a vintage circus wonderland inspired shoot hahahaha no problem right?!

The actual moodboard Jasmine created and sent to the team based off my visions for the shoot

The actual moodboard Jasmine created and sent to the team based off my visions for the shoot

I got to work right away looking for locations and upon my search meet Winie the ringleader of the LA Circus; one of the biggest prop houses for circus themed films in the country. She greeted me with baby pink curlers in hair as she filled dishes of candy and tea for our meeting. We sat and chatted about her space and the history of her prop house before she showed me around the 4 acres of circus history


I had chills walking through this glorious place while I envisioned all the places I would pose Lindsey. At the end of our nearly 3 hour long meeting, Winie gave me the unbelievable offer to use her space for the shoot and I could not wait to report back to the team about this amazing location I had secured.

Unfortunately, it was a tad too far for the team to travel and so we were back to square one, with only 72 hours to spare. We secured a small studio in downtown Los Angeles just as a backup and it was looking like that was going to be the final shooting location.


I messaged Jasmine 24 hrs prior to the shoot, panicked and told her how uninspired I was by the location. I went from securing us the whole circus just to end up at the “lightbulb wall” room and I just really couldn’t hide my disappointment and I was struggling to find the magic in this new location.

A few hours later, Jasmine messages me to let me know she was able to secure The Ragdoll Pink Palace for our shoot. The relief was instant and the creativity starting trickling back.


When I arrived at 9:30 the next morning, Lindsey’s glam team David Gardner (@davidgardnerla) and Michelle Miller (@missmeeeshie) were already transforming Lindsey from sweet to circus fabulous.


While Lindsey was in makeup, wardrobe stylist Brittny Moore (@brittnymoore) and I pow wowed which outfits we liked the most and I went room to room to see where I wanted to photograph them.


We were behind schedule when we finally got to shooting but luckily the owner of the location gave us an extra hour and a half to work and so all in all we were able to get 5 looks done in the time that we had together.

2018-11-13 11.30.46.jpg

This is by far my favorite editorial to have worked on all year. Lindsey was an absolute pro to work with and was so fun and sweet to boot. Make sure to grab the 2018 Winter edition of Grumpy Magazine with our cover girl Lindsey Stirling when its released later this month!

2018-11-13 13.00.58.jpg

Behind the Scenes with Madison Iseman for Saturne Magazine

It takes a village to make any great project come together and luckily I have the best tribe around. Planning this shoot with actress Madison Iseman was so fun and I just knew it was going to be a killer day when it all came together.

I met Madison and her glam team at 10:30 am on Tuesday Sept 18th along with my wonderful stylist Shaina Feldman. Everyone got settled in for the two hours we had reserved and I was determined in getting 6 looks done in that time frame.


As usual, Shaina knocked it out of the park with her brilliant and unique looks which was so different to the space but somehow worked wonderfully. Madison and I were beyond excited to play around with the variety of vintage Versace, sequin shorts and faux furs.


The studio had so many awesome little sections to work with and I decided to start on the left side and work my way around to the windows ( praying the sunlight would shift by the time I got there because Holy Bright Light Batman!)

The first section was new to the studio and I was excited to break it in. We got Madison dolled up in this fabulous dress that looked like it was made for her! Just look at this angel!

Look 1: Angel Wing


Look 2: Breakfast Club

The second look was so fun and the blue just complimented Madison so so well!

2018-09-18 11.17.08.jpg
2018-09-18 11.17.21.jpg

Look Three: Sully

This faux fur jacket had everyone in heart eyes and it was tenderly dubbed as ‘Sully’.


Outfit 4: Daisy

This outfit was so cute and was giving me all those retro vibes in this space!


Look 5: Crosley and Versace

This was my personal favorite look of the day and it probably reflects in how many images I have from this portion of the photo shoot haha


Look 6: Canary

And our final look for the day <3 Madison look absolutely amazing in everything and was so easy to work with.


Im so proud of this series and cannot wait for you all to see the full gallery and publication when its released later this month.

Exploring Double and Triple Exposures

I have been fascinated with double exposures since the moment I discovered I could do them in camera. I started experimenting with them early on in my photography career and the obsession with them have just grown! The first time I tried ,I hated the results I was getting! I had this idea in my mind of what they were supposed to look like (comparison the death of art folks!) and I set those images aside for over a year!  After a year of creating, growing, and evolving as an artist I decided to take another look at those first ever double exposure attempts and wow, they blew me away! They were so creative and fresh and truly shot without limitations. They are now some of my favorite images ever.


Im glad I decided to revist these images but I am sad at all the missed images I could have taken over the year but didnt becuase of my fear! I didnt really start shooting double exposures much after that first attempt because I was so disappointed that it wasnt your standard "florals in face portraits" that we are use to seeing. It wasnt until I took Mark Maya's workshop (who is the bomb at double exposures btw), that I started playing around with them again. Mark taught me so much and now I know how to do the floral portraits haha! 

Finally know how to do the bloom in face portraits lol

After a while I started experimenting with triple exposures and then went on to triple long exposures and variations of that. Recently, I had two series picked up by Dark Beauty Magazine featuring my triple long exposures (see blog post Not a Soul Around)

Here are a few of my favorites that  got published 


My advice for those interested in getting into double exposures is just experiment! Play around with your environment, look at the object and landscapes around you and see what would look cool if it was layered together.  Happy creating!