CJ and Katy's Chino Hills Engagement Session


When I first booked CJ and Katy for their Mid-December wedding I couldn’t wait to get the couple in front of my camera! They expressed their awkwardness in front of the lens prior to our session but their love for one another radiated in every message they sent and their trust in me was beyond refreshing that I knew we were going to have the most beautiful session together!

I met up with the couple for the first time on a warm summer evening in June in the beautiful of hills of Chino State Park.

Once again, Katy expressed that after all these years together, her and CJ had never had a professional photo shoot done together and I could tell they were a little nervous but I could also tell that they were really excited too! And so I made it my mission to SLAY the hell out of this session.

I had so much fun putting this sweet couple in front of my camera; making them laugh, swapping stories and getting to know them one on one before their wedding!

Take a look at some of my favorite images from our session



This couple was just DYNAMIC! Their love was so clear in every whisper, touch and laugh. CJ honestly blew my socks right off my body during our session. SO SOOOO many fellas are just NOT into getting their photographs taken, but this stellar dude right here, let me tell ya…he would do anything to make his bride smile and he brought out ALL the charisma and nailed this session.

You can truly tell these two souls were meant to be together and I am immensely blessed that I was chosen to document their eternal love.


Behind the Scenes with Madison Iseman for Saturne Magazine

It takes a village to make any great project come together and luckily I have the best tribe around. Planning this shoot with actress Madison Iseman was so fun and I just knew it was going to be a killer day when it all came together.

I met Madison and her glam team at 10:30 am on Tuesday Sept 18th along with my wonderful stylist Shaina Feldman. Everyone got settled in for the two hours we had reserved and I was determined in getting 6 looks done in that time frame.


As usual, Shaina knocked it out of the park with her brilliant and unique looks which was so different to the space but somehow worked wonderfully. Madison and I were beyond excited to play around with the variety of vintage Versace, sequin shorts and faux furs.


The studio had so many awesome little sections to work with and I decided to start on the left side and work my way around to the windows ( praying the sunlight would shift by the time I got there because Holy Bright Light Batman!)

The first section was new to the studio and I was excited to break it in. We got Madison dolled up in this fabulous dress that looked like it was made for her! Just look at this angel!

Look 1: Angel Wing


Look 2: Breakfast Club

The second look was so fun and the blue just complimented Madison so so well!

2018-09-18 11.17.08.jpg
2018-09-18 11.17.21.jpg

Look Three: Sully

This faux fur jacket had everyone in heart eyes and it was tenderly dubbed as ‘Sully’.


Outfit 4: Daisy

This outfit was so cute and was giving me all those retro vibes in this space!


Look 5: Crosley and Versace

This was my personal favorite look of the day and it probably reflects in how many images I have from this portion of the photo shoot haha


Look 6: Canary

And our final look for the day <3 Madison look absolutely amazing in everything and was so easy to work with.


Im so proud of this series and cannot wait for you all to see the full gallery and publication when its released later this month.

Malibu Adventures with Emily Skinner

6 AM Monday morning; the California interstates are jam packed already and my glam team and I are in the thick of it. Why, you ask? Well, because we are on our way to spend the day with Disney star Emily Skinner and her beautiful momma Jennifer for an exclusive  one on one photo shoot for Saturne Magazine. 


We all started our day off early in anticipation of the long morning commute to beautiful Malibu California. My glam team got to the park right on time to greet Emily (thank god) because my gps hijacked the route and put me on the complete opposite side of the park--apparently my GPS thinks I'm adventurous...Im not. Luckily my glam team is amazing and got to work on transforming Emily for our day of creating. 

When I finally arrived 45 minutes later (insert crying emoji here), my make up artist Hali McGowan and hairstylist Suzy Balderas were finishing up final touches on Emily and soon after, my stylist Nery Rodriguez arrived and started laying out all our clothing options! 

Hali McGowan

Hali McGowan

The mobile make up artist haha

The mobile make up artist haha

Hali McGowan

Hali McGowan

Suzy Balderas in action

Suzy Balderas in action

Suzy Balderas&nbsp;

Suzy Balderas 

Unfortunately there was a mix up with film permits and we were asked to leave the park and find a new location. CRINGE! It was beyond embarrassing and I almost didnt include this in the blog because of how embarrassing the moment was, but life is real and moments like this happen--not often thankfully, but they do and you have to overcome them. Luckily, I knew of a location about 20 minutes away so we all drove one by one to the new park. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and l honestly think we got better images at the new location than we ever would have got at the original location. Happy accidents yall, happy little miracles.

When we got  to the new park and Emily did her fitting and choose five outfits to shoot in. Everyone grabbed various bags and props and we all started the mile and half trek though the Malibu canyon. 

Emily's beautiful Mom Jennifer Skinner looking as graceful as ever

Emily's beautiful Mom Jennifer Skinner looking as graceful as ever


Everyone helped carry the load, and yup even little Emily back there did her part haha!!

We finished shooting right around 4:30 pm..(talk about a long day, am I right!?) but I honestly, I could have kept going because this park just had endless amounts of beauty and historical charm.

 I am so excited to share this exclusive photo series with you all when it is released later this month in Saturne Magazine. In the meantime here are some outtakes and BTS to tide you over! 

Outfit 1 - Designer: Mustard Velvet Dress: Dumebi @atelier_dumebi                                                                              White Undershirt: Hottie + Lord @hottieandlord

Provided by @mannfolkpr


Sometimes you have to do a fitting in the car/parking lot. Thankful for my team of pros who can work under any condition. Stylist: Nery Rodriguez&nbsp;

Sometimes you have to do a fitting in the car/parking lot. Thankful for my team of pros who can work under any condition. Stylist: Nery Rodriguez 

Cheesin' in Outfit 1

Cheesin' in Outfit 1


Outfit 2  

Wardrobe Provided by: Latiste Clothing @latiseteclothing


2018-08-27 12.23.54.jpg
2018-08-27 12.23.50.jpg
Stylist Nery Rodriguez in action for Outfit 2

Stylist Nery Rodriguez in action for Outfit 2

The hair wizard Suzy Balderas

The hair wizard Suzy Balderas

Cant with her!&nbsp;

Cant with her! 

Outfit 3

Wardrobe Provided by: Latiste Clothing @latiseteclothing

Hali McGowan doing her thing to make Emily shine in Outfit 3

Hali McGowan doing her thing to make Emily shine in Outfit 3

2018-08-27 15.30.46.jpg
2018-08-27 15.30.33.jpg
2018-08-27 15.27.59.jpg
2018-08-27 15.46.48.jpg

Outfit 4 

Wardrobe Provided by: Latiste Clothing @latiseteclothing


Outfit 5 

Designer: Red Velvet Skirt: Dumebi @atelier_dumebi                                                                              Provided by @mannfolkpr

Man, my hair hahaaa..it was a looong day. Dont judge&nbsp;   

Man, my hair hahaaa..it was a looong day. Dont judge 


Huge shout out to all five of these fabulous women for spending a full day hiking, laughing, swapping life stories, and creating art together. Make sure to follow them all at



Talent- Emily Skinner @emilyskinner__

Hair- Suzy Balderas @slayedbysuzy

Make up- Hali McGowan @halimcgowan.mua www.halimcgowanbeauty.wixsite.com/mysite

Stylist- Nery Rodriguez @campyvamp www.stylriot.com

Wardrobe provided by @mannfolkpr