Exploring Double and Triple Exposures

I have been fascinated with double exposures since the moment I discovered I could do them in camera. I started experimenting with them early on in my photography career and the obsession with them have just grown! The first time I tried ,I hated the results I was getting! I had this idea in my mind of what they were supposed to look like (comparison the death of art folks!) and I set those images aside for over a year!  After a year of creating, growing, and evolving as an artist I decided to take another look at those first ever double exposure attempts and wow, they blew me away! They were so creative and fresh and truly shot without limitations. They are now some of my favorite images ever.


Im glad I decided to revist these images but I am sad at all the missed images I could have taken over the year but didnt becuase of my fear! I didnt really start shooting double exposures much after that first attempt because I was so disappointed that it wasnt your standard "florals in face portraits" that we are use to seeing. It wasnt until I took Mark Maya's workshop (who is the bomb at double exposures btw), that I started playing around with them again. Mark taught me so much and now I know how to do the floral portraits haha! 

Finally know how to do the bloom in face portraits lol

After a while I started experimenting with triple exposures and then went on to triple long exposures and variations of that. Recently, I had two series picked up by Dark Beauty Magazine featuring my triple long exposures (see blog post Not a Soul Around)

Here are a few of my favorites that  got published 


My advice for those interested in getting into double exposures is just experiment! Play around with your environment, look at the object and landscapes around you and see what would look cool if it was layered together.  Happy creating! 

Not a Soul Around: Broken Down in the Desert

2018 started off with not one, but two broken down cars in the middle of the desert as model Megan Carlos and I got stranded in Joshua Tree . There was not a soul around, no homes or businesses, no roads or cars. Luckily we had cell service and was able to call a tow truck ($300 later and that was with a $300 discount!) . In the meantime, Megan and I scraped our original fashion shoot and just got creative. That art that we made in the desert was so inspiring and such a release of the frustrations from the situation. I submitted this series to Dark Beauty magazine and was so pleased to hear that they picked up all 6 images that I submitted and they were featured on their website and social media accounts. The images will also be released in a print edition as well! Here are the images from that session