Baby Curls and Gray Skies

Its rare that I get a photo of my wild, rambunctious and ever curious 2 year old, Atticus looking at the camera. From the moment he wakes up, to the second he falls asleep he is a tornado of toys, snacks and giggles. I have given up on trying to get that perfect photo of him and as a result I have learned to embrace and love the authenticity of lifestyle photography.  I love that Ill have these images of my son, to remember him as he is, at this age, forever. I have grown so much as an artist, as I document his development and our day to day life. 


Last week, California had some unexpected and very welcome cooler weather resulting in some amazing cloud patterns. Its rare that we get these amazing clouds so I had to take Atticus out to explore in our favorite little field behind our house. I put him in a vintage Sears Winnie the Pooh edition blazer that I found at a thrift store for $3.99 and his trusted and worn out Vans and we hit the dirt running. 




AAaaaaand with any photo series I do with Atticus, there are tears...always tears lol. We gotta remember all the moments


golden organic


I met this stunning momma soon after I moved to California,  a little over 2 years ago now. I hosted a picnic and invited a ton of people, and cooked a ton of food and only one person showed up haha and that person was Dorothy. She and I instantly became friends and attempted to keep in touch, but life gets so busy sometimes and when you throw in motherhood and being an entrepreneur well, the social life really goes out the window.

It had been a year since we had spoken, so I was beyond delighted when she reached out to ask if I could do a maternity session for twins!  When she told me she was making her own dress I almost died with delight! We really had the best time capturing these images and I am so excited to meet the newest additions to their family!